Sunday, June 13, 2010


Our Weekly Schedule for the Week of June 14th-18th:

Monday- Chores in the early morning
Hoogle Zoo (Using my Utah Kid's Club card)
FHE- Following the Lord's Commandments

Tuesday- Walk with G'pa White in Farmington
Chores and Lunch
Water Science Fair at the Library/New library books

Wednesday- Clean Out Car
Father's Day Craft
Trip to DI

Thursday- Playdate at the Park - Our House- Bring a Lunch!
Playdate for T

Friday- Toy Story 3 at the Movies! (Early morning are the cheapest!)

I'll post pictures, give helpful details and our next schedule later!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Travel on a BUCK...

So here's the get-up:

You can get hotel rooms for $1. No, really. But there is a CATCH.
You only have a 15 MINUTE window to book them.
And you don't know when that window WILL BE.
(there are email hint, though)


If you need a lot of information, fast. Here is an option for you. I often waste COUNTLESS minutes searching different ENGINES, because, let's be honest- you get different results every time and you need to know all your options. So here's your SOLUTIONS:


You can thank me later.